Owners must fill out an enrollment form, which can be found here. You can email it back to us at, bring it to the store with you, or fill one out at our location.

You can also fill out our reservation form here or call us to book your dates. 

We require that your cat have up-to-date RABIES records and that they be fixed. Additionally, we ask that if you recently adopted your cat from a shelter or rescue that they’ve been in your care for at least two weeks. You can email your records, ask your vet to email or fax them, or bring physical copies with you on your drop-off day (we'll give the originals back to you). You can bring any food, medications, beds, blankets, or toys you'd like your cat to have!

We cannot board a cat without records or a signed enrollment form.

Please call ahead for any tour inquiries.




Personal Kennel - Your cat's own private kennel for the duration of his or her stay, plus daily play time!



Additional Cats - Each additional cat will be $30 per night, and can be boarded in the same or separate kennels.


Discounts - 10% off stays 10 nights and over, and 10% retail purchases!