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As of October 1st, Total Pet Care
and Four Paws West LA have merged!

Current Total Pet Care clients will receive the same daycare and boarding rates for their first year with us here at Four Paws West LA!

How is this going to work?

We'll still need your vaccination records and we'll still need you to sign our enrollment forms, but we have more than enough space to accommodate you and your pooch for daycare and boarding!

For everyone with existing boarding reservations at TCP, we'll take over your boarding needs! Just give us a call to confirm your dates.

We will have to re-evaluate everyone, but we don't require evaluations prior to boarding stays, so no worries about scheduling unexpected, inconvenient appointments. Regardless of whether or not your dog does well with our existing pack, we can accommodate your dog.

If you'd like to take a tour of our facility or set up an evaluation, or have any questions for us, please call or email us!

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